• Yale Bowman

When Peace Sets Us Aside

- When Peace Sets Us Aside - So often peace is our goal, balance and harmony is our goal, but what about those times where it feels impossible? There is power in peace, but sometimes we must set peace aside. When we are unwilling to do so, to leave the comfortability of peace, peace will promptly set us aside. She is so wise, our Peaceful mother, as she pushes us from her nest. Many of these feelings we feel outside of restful, peacefulness are motivating. Much good will come from them. Much motivation will arise from un-peace. In un-peace problems will be solved, solutions will arise from conflict, we will become truer to ourselves through these developments, internal changes, through the decisions and convictions we form. When we feel peace, it is as if our Mother, the Universe, has picked us up and placed us in her arms. And when we feel disharmony, a lack of peace, this mother has then set us on our own feet. At times we are left crawling in the dark, but it is not out of cruelty that we are placed there, it is out of necessity. If we cry out for peace continually we cannot focus on our lives to learn or grow, and we surely cannot mature being forever held in our Mother's arms. We must embrace the firmness of the ground, the lessons in our stumbling, the growth within our discomfort and pain. We can lovingly embrace peace when she embraces us, "Oh, Cosmic Mother I am home!" When she lays us down, when peace is not easy, we must transcend the duality of peace and disharmony and live in the embrace of discomfort, through which we will receive further comfort, through transcendence. To live forever in peace...nothing would get done! Inner peace, outer peace, a peaceful mind and open heart, bliss; these are all transient states. Do not cling to them. We will always return to discomfort, disharmony, chaos, problems, negative emotions, fear in some form; these are not punishments, and they are not the product of flawed personal and spiritual development, these are the feminine and masculine energies at play. This is the cosmic stage of consciousness, where formlessness and form encourage us to develop and know ourselves. Not just to know who we are as human beings, but to know what and who we are beyond peace, beyond chaos, beyond body and mind, beyond individual spirit, beyond this or that. To know ourselves as some unchangable force, as nature itself. Whatever feelings or experiences arise, we must do our best to welcome them, honor them. We cannot thank our peaceful Mother Universe when she holds us, just to scold her, or ourselves, when we are placed back down. Mother truly knows best, and we can trust that in both peace and chaos we are cared for, in the ways which we need to be. 

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