• Yale Bowman

Why Mindset Matters

The trouble with having a mindset, is you have one whether you know it or not. Is it an intentional or unintentional mindset? That is the real question.

Whether or not we are being triggered by new information, new perspectives, and contrary information determines whether our mindset (and personal view of our contiually evolving identity) is inclusive and grounded, or exclusive and unstable.

Even when we disagree, a grounded and inclusive mindset will produce vastly different and conscious reactions when compared to the latter.

An intentional and open mindset, which is more of an ever-evolving mental philosophy, should not require us to remain 100% agreeable toward everything, but it has the capacity to entertain (and often times enjoy) the mindsets of others.

Even in the face of great hatred or adversity, open minds ask and contemplate, "Why? How?". They seek to understand beyond their personal boundaries.

They inspire the world itself to contemplate on these things.

This contemplation aids in spreading the benevolent contagion of collective awareness, to which other open minds will be receptive, and to which closed and unintentional minds will remain immune through their exclusively fixed and stagnant nature.

The question of course, is, "To which do we subscribe?" Any habit or action may be more or less changeable, but the philosophy we engage in when we view ourselves and the world makes even the unchangeable open to change, and it lends a sense of grace and acceptance to those truly unchangable things in the present moment, or near future. ·






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