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Daily Reading: Wednesday, August 2nd

August 2, 2017


🌹🌲The message today is a simple, but powerful one. Delight in and awaken your senses. Notice the warmth of the sunlight on your skin, and the fragrances in the air. Listen to the music of the earth, and breathe this into your bones. Appreciate your surroundings as you take notice of life's beauty and bounty. Celebrate your existence; and as you do, you will further open the doors of abundance and delight during this period of transmutational growth. Trade all of your comparisons for appreciations!
Thank the earth, the sky, the elements as they work to balance and transform your energies. All paths are paths, so be grateful today for yours as it is special and unique to you.

The difficult and somewhat turbulent energies of June and July seem to be more or less behind us for now, and this week redirects us back to a child-like state of appreciation, wonder, and gratitude. By using the awe inspired eyes of the Tarot's Fool on his journey, you will see that life is a blooming masterpiece of your own creation.
This life, this world, is the garden of your soul. So, nourish it in this way, tenderly. Your care and appreciation continue to urge this garden-of-life to further bloom. Step back and appreciate your work, the work of others too, and as you maintain and share in your bliss today with them, direct it to further transform your individual and collective worlds.

Share in today with those who bring joy to your life, even for just a passing moment, as your joyfulness knows no limitations.
There is no need for guilt or remorse in a life of joyful bliss if you hold true love and compassion in your heart. And as you strive to build on these qualities each moment, share in the celebration of today with anyone who will join in this, and may we celebrate them too!🌻

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