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The Seasons of Love

August 18, 2017


"Aloneness/The Hermit; To be a light unto yourself is to be a light unto others."

To meditate with the sunrise is a special gift and ritual for me personally. Today, this is what it shared with me:
Life is like love. Life should be synonymous with love. Love is not always easy, but it is necessary. Sometimes the love of life will be beautiful, like a soul connection, burning bright with celestial fire. Other times it will be a challenging love, like the love of an estranged family member, or a difficult child. Loving acceptance is necessary in whatever form it takes, as love is not bound to always be easy. Neither is life bound to always be easy. It is bound to be though, for now.
I promise if you love your life in whatever forms it allows, your life and love will blossom and grow with the seasons.
In the summer love is open, warm, and welcoming; in the spring it is blooming and new. In the fall love feels as if its dying, pulling away to nurture the self, and redirecting; in the winter love may struggle to flow with a strong need to regenerate. Love and life is the season, love and life are always in season, in whatever forms they may take.

Wishing you all a beautiful Friday, and weekend.

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