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Card Of the Day -  Wild One

August 24, 2017



Card of The Day - The Devil
A wild man speaks:
What can one expect of the unexpected? We may feel as though anything can happen this week, and energies may need to shift within and around you at this time. Spontanaity is by nature unpredictable, and so its effectiveness is unmatched and its beauty is awestriking; its timing is perfection and it holds no place for idealism. Do not fear self-expression.

Open a space of trust and allow the universe to fill it with gifts, heal in your willingness to live in life's flow. Let the wild wind carry you if need be.
Dance, celebrate, relax; the consciousness of the higher self and the universal source rests within a paradox of imperfect perfection. Far away it seems at times, but only because you forget you eternally stand in this space of personal power and liberation.
The wild man reminds us that the pure and unquestioning intuition of the heart can readily dissolve the duplicity and traps of the logic-mind.


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