On Death and Dying

August 29, 2017


🌹Death is beautiful. Why say such a thing? Why talk about it freely? Death is the only thing I can guarantee I will one day be a part of, the one thing I cannot avoid.
Why fear it then? Death is within the destiny of every human in this time. Christ died. Buddha died. But they did not die. Still death is the one guarantee. I choose to embrace a beautiful guarantee, part of the one true necessity in our human existence.
The first half of this beautiful guarantee is life, and the moment we are born, the moment we emerge earthside, we are guaranteed a death. I think that we only get half the story. Half the story when it comes to death.
In our half story, the story of Life OR Death we learn that death is to be avoided, fearful, negative. So we often fear and avoid life, and full living.
In the whole story, the story of Life AND Death, we see a circle, a continuum, and a beautiful dance of energy.
I try to choose the beauty in life, and everything. It has never failed me. It has been contagious for me. I like to breathe it in and let it flow through me in every moment possible.
Death is a beauty, she is drop dead gorgeous. She must be a woman, no man has ever been so well rounded, so circular and, so gracefully walking in perfect time while never stumbling.

Death is never late to the party, she always arrives on time. She always steals the show, she always catches the eye. You cannot control her, you cannot tame her, she must be a wild woman.

We can learn a lot from death, if we listen.
And the lady, Death, she arrives as any form of change, any form of change has this beauty.

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