September 6, 2017



Comparison takes us out of the moment. Comparison is most useful as a tool for growth, not as a hinderance, but this requires objectivity.
Comparing one object to another can be safe if unnecessary desires don't arise... but comparing objects with desire, comparing oneself to another with desire or guilt can be a slippery slope to climb.
If we are comparing, are we learning, or are we feeling? Are we observing, or are we subjectifying our experience or sense of attainment with that of another?

Good and bad, right and wrong, true and false...these terms are useful at times, but they are all rooted in our sense of reality. From one reality to another, true and false can look very different. As can the "correct approach" to life, or a spiritual path. What is very right for one may be just as right for another, it can also be entirely wrong. Polarity, duality, is relative, because it is entirely irrelevant. It is a construct of the mind.
So what is the cure? Necessity. Not material necessity, though that may play into decisions at times; I mean necessity of the soul.
What does your heart and soul ask for? What in your heart and soul rings true? What RESONATES, what reverberates between your heartstrings, in the seat of your soul?

Society has standards. People have standards. Those are not our standards. They can be, at best, good guidelines, but they are pure reference material. As ones who know themselves, and continue to know ourselves, we must check in with our body, mind, and soul.
"Does this serve me?"
"Does this serve my sense of purpose?" "Is my sense of purpose my own, or is it adopted from another?"
Society as a whole is not good or bad, right or wrong, nor are people. And the general standards they provide, therefore, cannot be good or bad, right or wrong, either.
There is no ultimate but our own. This can be both terrifying, and very liberating. The fear you may feel is personal freedom. The cage disappears; It never was there.

It's okay to go your own way, be your own person, live as your own advocate, create your own reality. We may worry about getting carried away at times, but those who go their own way and live for themselves must have a strong center and be well grounded, and if we retain this strong sense of center and true, authentic self, we will not lose ourselves (or our minds) in the process.
No matter how radical we become.

What is the alternative to an authentic and individual lifestyle? Supression. Repression. Stifling ourselves and our true needs. Diminishing ourselves by comparison, feelings of inadequacy, through guilty feelings.
Your heart has a voice. Your soul speaks. Act consciously, be self aware, but also be aware of your TRUE needs, true will, and how to recieve them. How to create the means, the answers will be clear. Simple, radical, and clear.

Right now, I believe its safe to say that all of us are denying ourselves in some way, some conscious or unconscious way. That is okay, we feel the pressure to be good, right, loved, needed, accepted.
You have always been these things, and more.
But You are You, I Am Me. Let's remind ourselves. We can inspire each other, yes, but let that inspiration be based in freedom, not in doctrine, not a dictation. Doctrine is suggested, and then self imposed. It is not for those who think and live freely, it is for governments, society, and even religious organizations to impose control, to impose a third party standard.
You should not be a third party in your own life. You have a choice, and a voice. An inner voice.
Life is an art form! You, the artist, have some creative freedom! What colors feel right, and what shades of grey express your deepest desires and true needs?
Life is a shade of grey. It is not black or white. We are not black or white; we choose the colors, we have the reference deep within. It does not take much searching to find this place of reference, only silence and listening for it.
Can you find your heartbeat? That is your drum, so be brave and march to its beat.

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