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The Tower/The Moon: Dreams

September 28, 2017


Intuitions restored, necessary boundaries, purging of fears, the shattering of illusions. Reality, unabridged. Change and revelations which allow the spiritual forces of the universe to better manifest in physical form, and within the immediate environments.
Last night I dreamt of my two dogs, one who is currently dead and one who is currently alive. I found them in a dark basement. The all-white, currently living one turned black, while the white and black brindled, currently dead one, turned all-white. I found myself feeding them jet-black, sliced deli ham and petting them lovingly.
In another dream several older psychic women offered me to quit my career and teach on their "beautiful island". I told them that not all deals are as good as they sound. They then handed me their infant grandson who became hunchbacked and proceeded to vomit up black sludge onto himself. I quickly threw him down.

Dreams are metaphors and often set extreme examples to make things clear. Not everything is what it seems these days. Not all is as fearful as it seems, not all is as good as it seems. Trust your center, your heart, your intuition, in this world and in all others. This approach won't fail you as things shift, and as opportunities arise.
Do your dreams and cards coincide? Comment below... 


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