The Alchemist/Two of Cups

October 3, 2017


🔯The Alchemist🔯
I once stumbled upon an old Alchemist's foundry, deep in the hallowed woods. I found him toiling within a dark cave, alongside a century's worth of notes and equipment. He looked up, unsurprised, but still working over the flames.
"Did not anyone tell you?" He said, with a twinkle in his eye. "I will tell you... Love, Acceptance, Truth, Compassion, Integration, and Self-Realization; These are the truest forms Alchemy!"
He scratch his beard and continued, all the while turning knobs and swirling the many beakers,
"I slave over lead, refining it to gold, but when I die, I cannot take any of this with me.
True alchemy, your personal transformations, they will follow you through endless lifetimes. They will transmute the earth, and fill your body and mind with the knowledge and beauty of entire universe!"
I stood there, lost in my gaze and remarking to myself. But, as I looked up he had disappeared.
A voice whispered playfully from the shadows of the empty cave,
"Remember: More lead, more gold! Your weight is your wings!"

The voice faded away. 
(This is an original short story, please do not share it without permission.)
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