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Energy, Numerology, and Vibrations

October 20, 2017


What, if anything, do you feel when you see this?
We use many names for the natural energies of the universe which can be harnessed for healing and alignment; prana, chi/qi, scalar energy, zero point energy. This energy can be directed and adjusted to balance, enhance, and cancel out other energies.
Our personal rituals and spiritual practices help to clarify and direct these energies. Practices like yoga, qi gong, meditation, practical/ceremonial/chaos magick (etc.), and authentic personal as well as artistic expression are the best ways I have found to clear ones energy and learn to harness the deep well of energy that exists within us, the conscious universe embodied.
We are a waking point for consciousness to self realize. In our physical bodies and corresponding minds we answer the five questions posed by a 3D manifest consciousness with "Who, What, When, Where, and Why?" We continuously and even subconsciously answer with "I am..." Each conscious and unconscious answer corresponds with our energetic state of being in this manifest world.
I began working with these energies at a young age as a "feeling", a sixth sense, a knowingness. These energies carry all vibrations within our reality, they shape and create our reality. Through accessing universal energies and allowing our bodies to align with them in the heart centered space, the zero point, we enter a mode of creation, of liberation, of free unobstructed mind and open heartedness. We find our center, and thus align with the center of the universe through the clear light of pure consciousness. There we can remove all blocks and barriers that create limiting, fearful, unpleasant, and restricting realities. We open our heart and soul centers.
We set the vibration, and we allow the physical aspect of our universe to take shape. Each mindset and subsequent experience aligns with our output and resting vibration.
The vibrations we align with are related to numbers, colors, archetypes, sacred geometry, all with corresponding numerical patrerns and "codes" that are embedded within the complex illusion of linear space-time and matter.

The universe generates codes which manifest through numerology and synchronicities to draw our attention for refinement of our energies, to help us direct them, to bring us to deep understanding of ourselves/the universe and a deep knowingness regarding our paths.
These symbolisms and synchronicities either manifest as coded number messages, or as physical signs and experiences that correspond to them. The universe is continually generating codes which call us to awaken, self realize, and liberate ourselves from the confines of reality, to jailbreak our existence, to clear and reset the resting vibrations/energies that produce needless suffering. We align more seamlessly with the universe and universal consciousness.

These codes/vibrations/frequencies, watever you call them, are how we structure our personal aura, or personal energetic configuration within the "matrix" of reality.

I am sharing one of these codes, which as I understand, is for clearing our energy and deepening our state of liberated and empowered clear consciousness. I believe it is a given that it has been previously generated again and again, and but is now amplified by the New Moon in Libra. You may feel something as you view or repeat it to yourself. You may not, for now. It is a trigger, and it can work unconsciously without your realizing it.


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