Cards of the Day: What is Chaos?

October 21, 2017



⚡What is Chaos?⚡
The Tower reversed reminds:
"There is no true Destruction. Destruction is intervention, albeit untimely; but the precursor to radical improvement."
The Empress says:
"Go wildly in the direction of your dreams".

There is no chaos in these cards. They don't warn of misfortune. They uplift and encourage. The only warning is one of missed opportunities if we let the fear of inadvertently unleashing a bit of chaos or destruction inhibit our growth and tenacity.
You can be a conscious, nurturing, and compassionate person without having to be overly careful or pleasing. You don't need a constant reassurance of safety or rightness. You are intrinsically safe and right when you are aligned.
When you are aligned, you are your own guide, moving forward.

Chaos is a dear old friend. If we welcome it, treat it with respect and regard, it won't need to continually be our adversary. Chaos becomes an adversary when we are unable to, or unaware of how to change and grow. When we harbor the illusion of control. When we refuse to be brave, new, fresh and innovative.
Chaos is there when we throw on the brakes and pull down the blinders, ready like any good friend would be with a wake-up call.
That is Chaos in opposition...Chaos in alignment is following the heart and soul and NOT GIVING A FUCK about our fears. Chaos is in alignment when we are not projecting, not letting ourselves be thrown out of this divine momentum.
Chaos is in alignment when we are letting the pendulum swing, then watching contently as ourselves and the world change in magnificent and beautiful ways.
Chaos is in alignment when we live and act entirely in the moment. That is beautiful Chaos.
Mindfulness changes Chaos. It harnesses its potent nature and removes our fear. Then, we are left to live in ways that feed and nourish our soul.

I help people to shape their chaos into beauty:

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