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October 29, 2017


Two of Pentacles; Have some fun, don't take life or necessary tasks too seriously, use your energy productively, and whistle while you work.
This card does not necessarily call to my mind mind the same exhaustion and true burden as conveyed by the Ten of Wands, it does however call to mind inner fire, the infinite nature of properly directed energy, and in Eteilla's 2 of Coins it conveys passion and even success in one's pursuits.
In occult astrology, the two of Pentacles corresponds to Jupiter in Capricorn, so despite the buzzing tempo that sometimes ensues with this card, we tend to know deep down exactly what we should be doing and where we should be doing it.
The real challenge here lies in not being drawn to complacency or procrastination this coming week, as a full schedule of many to-do's will some days breed distraction and avoidance. This seems to fit the capricorn energy of viewing oneself as "above" certain tasks and lessons at times, until succumbing when faced with their true necessity.
Overall, there is no malice here; in fact this card from Eteilla illustrates a beautiful combination of seriousness, fun, productivity, and maybe a bit of folly. "Folly" is a funny word, as it CAN mean foolishness and blundering, but it also describes projects with excessive cost. Beautiful ornamental, and non-functional buildings (often in Europe) are called "Follies". Because of this, I grasp that there is a message hidden to direct our energy properly, but also to appreciate the simple acts of doing, the ironic beauty of life, and to not be so quick to disregard a bit of time wasted, as it could be a necessity for personal expression and growth. 


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