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More Human than Human

November 16, 2017




In order to grow to the heavens, our roots must reach to hell.
Being aware of our lowest nature allows us to embody that of our highest more fully.
The lowest and the highest are synonymous, they are two halves of the whole. Like the roots of a tree which nourish it, our shadows ask us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, of others, of the world.
This understanding is what nourishes us, it liberates us, empowers us, and transforms us. We aren't denying our human nature, even its most unforgiving aspects. To deny is to suppress, cast out, instead we are acknowledging through acts of personal alchemy, through transformative thought and dynamic action. What is lead can become gold over time.
There are no sinners. There are no saints. We are all split in our wholeness through deep illusion, and while some halves make the papers, others tend to make up the background, easily missed by the untrained eye. But our soul is blind to nothing, we balance our energy with these polarities through the process of ascension.
There is only present-minded focus, awareness which empowers and enhances through brave application. The world and its people, all aspects of it are our mirrors, into them we scry. Two choices emerge: immerse ourselves in their reflections through acts of divination, or turn a blind eye. Divination is food for the heart and soul, blindness is sustunence for the outdated self.

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