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On Life's Waters: A Poem

June 1, 2018


Such a gift it is,
A life that flows like water.
I have endured the most unforgiving rapids,
I have surfed pipelines as high as mountaintops,
But I have never, not ever, called it boring
I have rarely been bored.
As sure as the sun will set
And the moon will return to the sky
I will follow life's river
Until I empty, at its mouth
There is no willingless required, but willingness is my weather-proof raft
What a gift to know that what goes up will come down
And vice versa
Because I have such a distaste for sameness, a distate with sameness just for the sake of it
The bed of comfort will not be my cage
And though I have tried to sleep there endlessly,
my cushion forever rests on life's waves


Artwork by Jules

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