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On Self Care

June 24, 2018


Remember to take time for you. Not just in acts of recovery, but throughout each day when possible. Our most basic forms of intake gives us a wealth of opportunity for self love. Acts of self love can be present in the food-medicine we eat, speaking truthfully, and acting in ways that serve our highest good. The ways we breathe, schedule our sleep, unplug from the mind and electronics, and how we hold our posture can also breed healthy energy and balance in the body-mind-soul complex. Also, it is your right to say "No", with or without an explanation.
You can't give from an empty bank account, and because of this self care is not a day of the week or a last resort, self care is a philosophy and a lifestyle. When our basic forms of intake are strong and healthy, so are we. We don't have to sacrifice ourselves into the grave to care for others, so please continue to give from an open heart but be sure to keep some time and energy for yourself when possible.
We all fall off the wagon of self care in one way or another, and the nature of life requires a balance between output and input. We can rarely be a perfect 50/50, and so it is awareness of this balance, and of when we are losing our sense of balance, that truly counts. 

In the end, it is not that we should expect to never fall off the wagon, because our effort to get back on it helps us to identify and achieve a more finely tuned balance each time.
The act of recommitment to our self love and care is substantial in itself, and the cost to ride may mean changing our lifestyles and being more conscious of our our lifestyle patterns, but this is preferrable to a ragged, lifelong walk without the support of our own care. When we care for ourselves, and we are strong, we are strong for others, and more effective in the world.

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