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Beauty: The Eternal Unfolding

July 20, 2018


My personal practice is simple. I observe the world, myself and others, our circumstances as closely as I can.
I try not to observe in the way I want them to appear, or by judging their appearance. In doing so I begin to see these things as completion, I catch glimpses of their unfolding beauty.
With practice, and care, with willingness I have learned to thank this beauty, and I share with people their own beauty when possible. Directly and formally, I call this offering a reading. Indirectly and informally, I call this being the best human being I know how to be.
Beauty is a quantum force, because even when it does not appear to be present, it is. The highest outcome, the unfolding is always present, even when it is unformed.
I tend to my soul garden by tending to the world tenderly, there is no difference between the two. All the while I make a practice of remembering that each moment is a gateway to unfolding beauty. Remebering for a moment that the novice garden, the developing space and circumstance, is the master garden.
They occupy the same space, and it is in that space which holds all things that I am reflecting. My Soul Garden is always in harmony because it is always in transition. I can laugh in unison with this continual continual transition, yet this space which holds everything that is, is unchanging. So, when I rest, I try to rest there.

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