What Is Palmistry and Hand Analysis?

          The origins of palmistry practices cannot be dated to a certain year or era, and they are arguably as old as human-kind. From India and Egypt, to Ancient Greece and the far East, each culture has a unique relationship with the lines, formations, and patterns within the hands. Our hands are the window to our soul, to endless lifetimes, and they are the key to THIS lifetime.

          If you can envision your personal astrology and star charts lit up in the skies above, imagine for a moment that your hands hold within them a mirror image that is very unique and exclusive to you.

I consider the microcosm of the hands to be a mirror into the macrocosm of the universe, your personal universe to be exact.

          In modern palmistry, hand analysts such as myself (known as Chirologists) combine ancient palmistry wisdom with modern, scientific hand analysis to generate deeply healing, affirmative readings and consultations. A palmistry reading is not only useful for fortune-telling and divination, it provides a healing experience which profiles our psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and communicative being. It is a mystic-science!

          The actual science of hand analysis can be studied in its lines, prints, and formations. The cataloging of these qualities has generated a reliably scientific approach to hand analysis. Chirology (palmistry), however, is a rare crossroads where scientific knowledge, intuition, and ancient wisdom merge to deeply AGREE for your benefit, to guide you through your life and soul's path.

In the practice of palmistry, I analyze and draw awareness to the unconscious or semi-conscious patterns that create our existence, self-created and circumstantially created patterns, to liberate individuals from the cycles of unhappiness, suffering, disempowerment, confusion, grief, anxiety, ill health etc.

          I give guidance for for living your best life now, and I address any and all things that stand in the way of this with real, effective, and non-judgmental guidance. A palmistry reading and consultation is the gift that keeps on giving, as the deeply personal and valuable information which is shared encourages us to grow, expand, and develop in our capacity to live, love, enjoy, prosper, and succeed. It challenges us to think differently, it nurtures us with healing guidance, and it is relentless in its honesty, love, and care.

          In the timeless words of Socrates and the Ancient Greeks (who highly revered the study of the hands), palmistry instructs us to “Know thyself”, and this knowingness creates a uniquely medicinal experience of its very own. The modern palmist accepts the role of advocate, reader, and healer; we are your companion on your journey into past, present, and future, coach and adviser in your personal strengths and challenges, we even work to bring resolution to life's traumas and childhood wounds.

          For those of you who think, “This would be too much for me,” or “I'm not sure I am ready for this,” understand that I am describing the greatest potential for healing in palmistry, I am not committing or coercing you into anything overwhelming, or uncomfortable. The most magickal thing about palmistry and hand analysis is that no matter how deep we go the experience is impactful.  More often than not it is also lighthearted, humorous, and ENJOYABLE. The healing of palmistry is gentle, the guidance is significant and real, the joy of knowing ourselves deeply and sharing a unique connection through the lines of your hands is an indescribable and irreplicable experience.

          In fact, not only are these readings provided one-on-one, but often they are given at parties and events with same result; the Earth and time stand still for the palmist and soul-adventurer to explore and rediscover.

          [I provide palmistry readings and consultations two ways: In person, and by live video consultation.

In-person readings are of course provided locally, in person. Distance readings are offered via Zoom video technology to anyone, anywhere in the world. Thanks to modern technology, these readings (shown above) effectively mimic face-to-face interaction. We are able to talk and discuss as I highlight, notate, and map your hands in REAL TIME, using the high-definition photos or scans sent before the reading and consultation begins.]



I encourage you to email and reach out with questions, inquiries, and booking requests via email, or to book here if you are ready to divine through the window of your life and soul today.



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